hannah marich


My name is Hannah. My partner--Jake, and I, have been photographing weddings together for over 7 years. We love photographing weddings for all humans, all over the world. We enjoy dinner parties, dressing up for special occasions, and snuggling up with our cats while watching some Raider football on a Sunday.  

Our photography style is to get to know you real well so we are just another friend on the day of the wedding. I am that fun friend that follows you around and gets really cool candids. The friend that hypes you up and tells you insanely stupid jokes to get you laughing. Jake is the peaceful, calming friend. The fly on the wall who gets the moments you don't even realize are happening.

Together we will get the beautiful timeless portraits for Mom and Dad but we will also get those drunk booty grabs, smiles that turn into kisses, and every in between moment that is gone instantaneously.  Two unique eyes for every single moment.

We look at every wedding with an original eye. No two weddings are alike and they shouldn’t be photographed alike either. Feel your feelings, let your day unfold how it unfolds, and enjoy the ride.

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